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Valerie Church, Founder/CEO "The General Jr."

Useless Facts about Valerie:

  • Wine nerd
  • Likes driving fast
  • Shoe fanatic
  • A Plank Master

Valerie lives her life trying to inspire others to see that “You don’t have to be born with it to be successful.” She doesn’t believe in luck but rather a little bit of tenacity, believing in yourself and a willingness to work harder than the person next to you is all it takes.  Valerie’s goal is to inspire that in others as well.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur who quickly built her own successful consulting business, Valerie knows and is empathetic to the small business owner who “does it all”   She works hard for her clients while upholding a strong sense of ethics and integrity (She thanks her Mom “The General” and Dad for that!)  By striving to understand the unique needs of each of client, she is able to assist them in reaching their business goals. Her passion in helping people coupled with her no nonsense, “can do” type of attitude is what her clients have come to count on.

Valerie has over two decades of sales, management, public relations, and marketing experience.  She holds a BS in Marketing and has spent much of her career working for large companies like Sea World, Nordstrom, and Road Runner Sports as well as many small startup companies with little capital and a big dream.

Serving in the Temecula Noon Rotary Club (, Valerie truly understands the rotary motto of “Service Above Self”and follows the biblical principle of "To whom much is given, much is required." (Luke 12:48).   This plays out in her commitment to her clients.  She volunteers her time with her Rotary Club,  RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards), and various other local charities throughout Southern California


Tim Church, Co-Founder/Director of Training

Extremely Interesting Facts about Tim:

  • Tim holds an Amateur Masters Degree in the Philosophy of Science.
  • Tim developed the ability to communicate telepathically with canines while being raised by wolves as a child.
  • Tim was an Expert Rifleman in the United States Marine Corps.
  • One of Tim’s favorite pastimes is sitting in the backyard with a beer and a cigar, discussing the BIG questions of life with his dog Duke (Boxer).

Tim has spent the past 20+ years acquiring knowledge and experience from a variety of sources including the United States Marine Corps, a sales consultant for large companies and small start-ups, and as an entrepreneur and expert in the field of canine behavior and training.

Through his work with The Client Mind Tim has made it his mission to equip and motivate people with the tools necessary to achieve greatly in their profession and to use these same principles to garner personal success.


Cindy Kendrick, Creative Director

Cool Facts About Cindy:

  • Avid Surfer and Scuba Diver
  • Dived with Sharks
  • Travels extensively

Cindy has been the creative director for The Client Mind since it's inception back in 2009.  When it comes to graphic design Cindy is a genius.  Cindy has worked with everyrthing from small start up businesses to large restaurant franchises.  Her recognizable work and logo designs have been seen all over Southern California.  

She's also been the creative director for multiple large advertising agencies and international publishing companies.  


What does "The Client Mind" mean?

The Client Mind actually came from a long brainstorming session many years ago, (Probably over a nice glass of wine in the backyard!)  Valerie and her husband Co-Founder and Director of Training Tim Church came up with the idea because they both believed that people get too close to their own businesses to market it effectively to their target audience.  The key to marketing effectively is to know the mind of your client and be able to communicate your value proposition in the most clear and convincing manner possible.

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